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 New movie/ Novi film

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PostSubject: New movie/ Novi film   Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:26 pm

Legendary actor Martin Landau gave an interview to HollywoodChicago.com (Nov 2) where he talk about his work and projects and one of them being a new movie with Jennifer called Dead Serious, it's a Film noir he compare the script to Double Indemnity who is a movie from the 40s directed by Billy Wilder. Here's the excerpt from the interview.
As for what heís working on next, Landau reveals, ďIím going to do a movie next with Jennifer Lopez, a film noir kind of movie like Double Indemnity - a lot of that stuff. We hired a director who did a pass on the script and it was terrible. We gave them another shot and it was worse. Itís a very good script as it is but the guy didnít get it. I wonít mention his name. It looked like it was written by a farmer with a rake. Itís a good script and itís gotten better but he didnít get it. Heís one of the friends of another one of the producers and it took a lot of time. But now thereís a guy weíre very interested in and weíre talking to him. But thatís going to go. Thatís a go project. Itís a very good one for her. Itís good.Ē
And from Aintitcool.com

ML: Iím going to do a movie with Jennifer Lopez next, which Iím executive producing, as well.

Capone: You are?

ML: Iím acting in it.

Capone: Whatís it called?

ML: Dead Serious. Itís a film noir, like Postaman always rings twice, Double indemnity. Itís got that kind of quality. We had hired a director who didnít get it and did a rewrite and it was abysmal, and we gave him another shot at it and it was worse. He didnít get it, so we are now in the process of getting another director, but anyways thatís next.


Legendarni glumac Martin Landau je dau intervju HollywoodChicago.com ( Nov 2 ) gde je pricao o njegovom radu i projektima i jedan od njih je novi film sa Jennifer koji se zove ''Dead Serious'' ( Mrtvo ozbiljan)
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New movie/ Novi film
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